Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reduce, re-use, and recycle

Lately I've been into reduce, reuse, and recycle after my technology and society class. I also have an environmentalist friend whose carbon footprint was the lowest in a class of 100+. This is an amazing achievement, and I'd like to start reducing my impact. I've started a bit by venturing further into my knitting forays making gifts and such. I do buy yarn, but mostly use yarn bought at garage sales. Today I went to garage sales as we are slated to move in two weeks and who knows what we'll need. I found an Aerogarden for $1! The seed pod kits are a bit pricey, but it'll be nice to grow herbs and vegetables for cooking and/or flowers for our apartment. It's worth a try for $1, and if it doesn't work out, I can re-sell it for $1. Back to the re-use portion, I also found some nice hand-tatted/crocheted handkerchiefs; I wish I'd bought more, but I purchased two along with some beautiful hand-sewed aprons.
Pictured: one handkerchief, I used the other to wipe away sweat from garage sales; used handkerchiefs are not fun pictures.

I am not obsessed with hand crochet/tatted hankies, I have a auction sniper on some lots from ebay, but I refuse to pay more than a dollar as I essentially got these hankies for free after dealing for the aprons/hankies. If I don't win..oh well; I'll keep my eyes peeled at garage sales. I like the idea of a hankie for glasses wiping, sweat wiping, and blowing my nose. I'd also like a few more so that if I use one for my nose during the day, I have a clean one for my glasses later. I used to think ill of a guy in my high school who carries them; now I feel bad.

I also found a recycled Seat belt bag that I got for $7! Below it, the pink carry, is a recycled bag made with pink cracker/cookie wrappers. The bag was free from a garage sale where everything was free. No Joke! From the free garage sale, I also got the first 6 books from the A-list series, two of Philippa Gregory's books, and a joke book. I wasn't fast enough for a lot of good stuff.

I also got more books: coffeehouse mysteries, and a hardcover, first ed. English "Sophie's World" -- amazing book!! My Oma got me a towel rack for our future apt. and I negotiated used furniture out of her and dad all while looking for bargains! I hope to get a nice, granite coffee table. My future apartment is going to kick ass! On a side note, apple season is FAST approaching, so I hope to make a couple apple cozies for the time. Hopefully, James will have a job soon so I can pack him a lunch with apples in it. Even if not, it would still look adorable to have a bowl of apples with the cozies on them on our dining room table. I hope to use the leftover yarn from the baby cloths I'm knitting up for the babies fast-approaching (one in mid-Aug., the other in Sept.) I'll post pics of my knitting here or on Ravelry. I'm sad to have missed so many garage sales this season, but I'll be going to every Friday and Saturday one until they end this year. However, next Saturday is our garage sale; I need to get my butt in gear and start putting things aside for it. How I'm glad that classes are almost over. (All As so far!!)