Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gladys Peto

I just discovered the art of Gladys Peto while doing some random Wikipedia searching, taking a knitting break. (I look up randomness, such as.. the most expensive K-12 schools in New York and California -- found a boarding school for $45k a semester)

Her art is amazing, including her costumes; I think she tapped into a magical world that I have barely dipped my toe into.

It looks familiar, and I have no doubt that I have ran across her art before; it's just that now I know her name.

And I would gladly give up knitting forever, if I could have her Alice set of hankys. I use hankies instead of tissues in my every day life, but those I would treasure forever, and just wipe my glasses with; no way would I gunk them up!

I may not quit knitting forever, but I'd be happy to knit with only acrylic the rest of my life, for those hankies! ♥

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