Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goodies in the mail!!

Recently, (and on-going) I organized a knitters swap on the Ravelry group, Tiny Owl Knits. It's where secret partners are matched up round-robin style and send packages to the person that they are assigned to "stalk" on Ravelry. I initially wasn't going to participate, but due to math error on my part, I thought I had to for the partnering to work. Oops. However, a sweet woman named Julie jumped to volunteer to send me items, and now I am soooooo glad I decided to participate because what I received in the mail was incredible!

On top of a knitting carry-all that she handmade is a scarflette with a beautiful shawl pin:

That's actually the WS! But it's so versatile that it looks great WS or RS:

And it's incredibly, incredibly soooffft! One of the softest things I've felt. I have considered sleeping with it. :p She sent the left-overs along with some recommended patterns. The mitts I've considered, as this yarn needs to be on contact with skin, due to the luxuriousness of it. I also was wondering if I'd have enough to make a Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I could try, and if it doesn't work out... frog it and make mitts. :D

Patterns and natural, handcrafted soap!

In the second picture, on top of the bag is Koigu!!!! My first Koigu ever! I've never had Malabrigo, either... it's a shame, but I'm waiting for one particular colourway on that one, anyway. Along with Koigu, is some similar-hued Mountain Colors handpainted yarn, so that I can extend the Koigu into knee socks, as those are mainly what I wear!! :D

On the bag here, is a Mr. McTweedy!! He is up high, on a shelf, next to a tin. I panicked and shoved him at my partner, saying: "Quick.. get him up high! Higher than beverages!!" He is recycled and amazing. <3

Also, in the box was hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn from Julie! The handspun is amazing, and I cannot think of how to properly treat it. Maybe a B&B for that? I need something that can bring out the amazing twists and bursts of colour. It's like a carnival in the middle of the forest!

The hand painted yarn came with some beads that are orange, yellow, and gold. I could swear they were named sunset (or sunrise?), but now I can't find that anywhere for the life of me. Maybe I named it? The handpainted yarn is primarily the dominant teal colour, which has been my colour this winter, but with hints of pink and orange at the bottom. Oh, did I mention it was tweed? Yeah!

Inside the bag...

...were two other bags! A larger bag for straight needle projects, and a smaller bag for sock knitting and thinner yarn projects!

Inside the small

Inside the large.

Also tucked away in the bag was a beautiful DPN wallet:

Whose cover was a repurposed leather book cover!


What's this? a bookmark?

No! Beautiful rainbow scissors!! I'm always losing mine, so these are perfect, and special. It's like that last tapestry needle..cling to it for dear life!

Speaking of tapestry needles!

And what's in this pocket?

Owl stitch markers, she made herself! They're so lovely! And I'm working on a project right now that is using up all available stitch markers AND some waster yarn-turned-stitch-marker. Yay! :D
I had to move some of my DPNs in already. :)

Julie also noticed my favourite spice, cardamom! I usually only use it in sweet things, but she gave me advice (and rice) for a savory dish!

Caffeine was also included, and appreciated! She says she's picky with coffee, so I am totally looking forward to it! She also sent chocolate covered coffee beans

And she even found a vintage handkerchief that fits the teal/brown theme! For those that don't know, I have amassed a large collection of handkerchiefs for everyday use. I find it's less wasteful than napkins or kleenex, and much, much prettier. I'm very hygenic with them, and am constantly washing them. However, this will probably go in the special hankies box with my great-grandmother's. :) (Tulips, too! Perfect for this time of year.)

A pair of vintage earrings were in the bag, too; urging me to repurpose them into something else. I'm thinking chunky buttons for something like this.

And of course, a sweet and lovely card!

The package was so incredible, my cat threatened to steal the bag.

I gave him the box, instead!! :D

Did I miss anything, Julie??


fifijj said...

This is such a fabulous package. so so perfect :)

Julie said...

I forgot to tell you...your kitty looks like my beloved Taliesin kitty, who I lost 7 years ago. She even had those mint chocolate chip ice cream green eyes, too, and loved boxes and bags.

Julie said...

I love all the pictures. It's such fun to see everything again. I had so much fun, and I'm glad it made you so happy!