Saturday, April 16, 2011

Green Bay Trip

So, about a week ago, my partner and I went to Green Bay, Wisconsin for a job interview for him teaching math at a college up there. The trip was long, but scenic! And unfortunately, our GPS sent us right INTO Chicago! Ugh. :( But, I did get to spot this:

Right before we hit Green Bay, I finished a hat I'd been working on. So I seamed in ends, and starting wearing it. I think it's permanently attached to my head now.

I started on another hat immediately after.. but that one's a surprise for when it's done!

Our hotel room was lovely, and I wish we had stayed longer. But, the second we got into our hotel, tornado alarms started wailing. So much for going to explore while looking for dinner; we ordered pizza.

The interview went well, he got along great with the other math profs. but the upper management kept good poker faces. A lot of retirement going on with teachers right now, so that's a positive. We'll just have to see. It was a great trip, regardless. I visited a LYS and bought some Packers yarn exclusively made for the LYS.

On the way back, near Kenosha, I spotted a store made for me:


Bought no antiques unfortunately, but I did get this:

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